Interpreter Services

If you need an interpreter we are your go-to resource for 71 different languages. Our team of expert interpreters have worked in the Atlanta market for over fifteen years. We offer expertise in a wide field of service areas including legal, medical, corporate, government, military and more. Our interpreters are native speakers and have the ability to immediately select the exact cultural interpretation required and they have an in-depth knowledge of the subject area in which they work


Whether a client needs simultaneous interpretations for large groups such as conferences, seminars, training sessions, business meetings or small meetings or sensitive topics, we can provide the professional assistance required.

Our interpreters are available for individual and group settings such as:

  • Business meetings - locally, nationally, internationally 

  • Conferences and trade shows

  • Hospitality events and parties

  • Government services

  • Training sessions

  • Secure and legal topics


We provide interpretation services throughout the United States and even in some foreign countries. Fees vary depending on the language, the type of work, the location where the work is provided and the duration of the services.


There is a three hour minimum required but a discount is given for more than six hours of interpretation services given within a single 24-hour time period. For specifics on these interpreter services and prices please contact us.

Linguistic Guru

3355 Lenox Road N.E.

Suite: 270

Atlanta, Ga. 30326


Linguistic Guru is a subsidiary of
Atlanta Institute of Language 


Foreign language experts

We are experts in translations, interpreters, tutoring, teaching and dialect coaching in a wide range of foreign languages. For businesses, actors, students and travelers, we are the "go-to" foreign language resource in Atlanta.  


Begin your foreign language journey today.




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