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Be it in a movie, on a stage, on TV, if you are an actor or actress, you know that nailing an accent is critical to landing a role, or perfecting your performance if you have the role. Audiences and critics can always spot a bad accent, and when you make the extra effort to get these finer details right, it can even make your career.

As an actor himself, Lincoln De Oliveira understands and appreciates the importance of this nuanced work to ensure that a performance is memorable for all the right reasons - not the wrong ones.


As Atlanta continues to become a growing hub for the movie and television industry, we are a proven, go-to, local resource that understands the unique challenges of the industry. We can work one-on-one with individual actors or on-set with a group of actors in a wide range of languages.  


Our accent and dialect coaching is not limited to just actors but is a great service for business professionals who work in multi-national settings and want to be sure to always make the best impression for clients and co-workers abroad.


Due to the unique and dynamic nature of each coaching project, we provide quotes based on the assessment of a client's specific needs.     

Dialect and Accent Coaching

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